Vitality is a transformative approach to the shared data challenges of the Canadian ocean supercluster and ocean economy businesses and workers.

Vitality is a collaboration to develop new, applicable data streams for OSC members, private sector companies, indigenous organizations, and anyone who participates in Canada’s blue economy as well as the development of necessary tools to manage  those streams, and software that lowers the barrier to entry for the application of these data.


Vitality will develop tools and linkages between CIOOS (Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System) and three emerging environmental technology and data-heavy sectors: aquaculture, tidal power, and offshore wind through partnerships. Supercluster members will lead the  development of the tools they need to acquire, manage, visualize and improve the quality of  their decision-making processes. These partnerships will result in an immediate realization of  commercial outcomes for the businesses involved and additional capacity for these entire  emerging sectors.


Through a collaboration of 10 partners across Canada, including companies, industry associations, research institutions, and non-profits Vitality will capitalize on Canada’s ocean data to: 

  • Facilitate sharing of private sector data to create exciting new opportunities for growth in Canada’s blue economy. In the US the industries which access, transform, model, and visualize ocean data(ocean data intermediaries) represent more than $1 billion in economic activity, an industry which doesn’t currently exist in Canada due to limited access to data.
  • Deliver definitive commercial outcomes to the businesses involved by advancing data  analysis, management and visualization capabilities and products.
  • Support the resolution of near-term labour, skill and capability by developing much needed training programs, incrementally building on existing training to develop  Canada’s talent pool to increase technical expertise in digital technologies, remote  operations and environmental technologies.

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VITALITY aims to develop a data registry that facilitates the discovery of sensitive data for enhanced collaboration and economic growth. Help us understand what is most needed in a registry by completing this survey!

VITALITY aims to develop and build training programs to contribute to, and use, ocean data in Canada. Help us understand what training programs are needed by completing this survey!